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How Search Engines Work

You are among many people who are using internet on a daily bases. Today, internet became something that people all around the world need in their everyday life. It makes the life a whole lot easier, because you can find certain information really fast, you can communicate with your friends and family, you can watch videos and listen to the music, you can register to different social networks, etc.

The list of the things you can do online is really long. One of the most popular things for sure is searching the web, but have you actually ever wondered how search engines work? No matter which search engine you use on a daily bases, or which one is your favorite, all of them are working on the same principals. You can see which are the most popular over at this article Search Engine Market Share. Search engines are created to search for specific information available on the Word wide web.

Whenever you want to search for something, you will type certain keywords into the search engine such as for example, using your web browser. After few seconds, search engine will provide you the list of web sites or documents where you can find those keywords you typed. Every search engine is created to send a spider, and to fetch a lot of different documents with specific words. Than, the program called indexer will read all those different documents, and it will create an index. Search engines are using proprietary algorithms for creation of its indices that will provide logical and good results of your web search.

What you probably did not know is the fact that whenever you are searching for specific information via keywords, you are not in fact searching the web as most people think. Every search engine created their indexes, and you are searching them, not the web. You probably have notices one more thing. Not every search engine will give you the same results when you type specific keywords. The reason for that is the fact that every search engine is using different indexed, and different proprietary algorithms and that is why you will not get the same results with or

If you want to improve your knowledge on the internet, to find some information or to read something you are interested in, search engine will help you to do so. They are the main ingredient and without these search engines, web search would be practically impossible. Imagine that there are no search engines you can use in order to find what you need. You would be able to visit some web sites only if you know the exact URL address of the site. That is why search engines are so important, because thanks to them, you can find anything you want.