Search Engine Relationships To Marketing

Search engine relationships to marketing has been going through constant changes over the past several years. The technology and the various relationships between the search engine companies continue to evolve. While your queries may be may be sought using one company, the actual results might be coming from an entirely different company. Listed below are several different search engine companies that assess and evaluate your keywords.

Known as Overture in the past, Yahoo and Alta Vista receive listings that are paid from Yahoo Search Marketing. Netscape, AOL, Ask and HotBot receive their paid listings from Google. Results on the secondary level are also supplied by Google to HotBot and data from the directory comes from DMOZ. Lycos receives their search results through the directory from DMOZ, main results from Ask and paid marketing through Google.

DMOZ provides search results from their directory to HotBot, main results from Ask and secondary/paid ads from Google Adwords. Ask provides their own prime results as well as those of Lycos and HotBot. However, its secondary results are received by Teoma. Ask receives its results from DMOZ, while the payable listings are provided by Adwords.

As you can see, Search Engine Relationships To Marketing is a mixed effort from several different search engine companies. Anytime a search is performed, the results are gathered by several different organizations. The websites that are most popular for whatever is typed in the search box will likely attract the most traffic.

The ability to optimize a website properly will lead to the greatest chance of receiving the most traffic. Search engine optimization is crucial for receiving the most traffic. There are many professionals in the field that can assist you in gaining page rank by using the right keywords and themes.

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