The History Of Google

If you are daily internet user, than you probably know some facts about one of the greatest search engine available today, and of course that is Google. No matter it it’s your frits option or not, this is one of the best search engines you can find online. It is simple, it is fast, and it will provide you everything you need. Google is popular all around the world, and many internet users considering it the best possible search engine. Have you ever thought about the company’s history and how it was developed?

Two men Sergey Brin and Larry Page were working on research project in 1996, and they were Stanford university students. Page was interested to explore different mathematical properties of World Wide Web. Later, Brind joined him. Two of them were really close friends already, and they knew each other for more than a year. Step by step, with hard work and dedication they started to develop the search engine.

At first, Google was used the domain, and the domain we all know today, came in 1997, when it was finally registered. The company wasn’t formally incorporated until September 4, 1998. in the garage of their friend Susan Wojcicki in California. At the end of the year, it had an index consisted of over 60 million pages. Their hard work really paid off, because they were practically working 24/7 to develop all that is was necessary to make Google the No.1 search engine in the world.

More and more people world wide were attracted with Google simple design and the number of visitors were bigger on a daily bases. In the years ahead, Google were instantly developing and improving with its design, updates, and services that are provided to the visitors. The astonishing information is that today, has over 1,100,000,000 visitors per month; witch really is an incredible number.

Today, Google is one of the most popular and strongest multinational corporation and the main specialty is internet products and services. They are offering software, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, etc. Google earns most of the profit via AdWords. People in the team are young experts willing to learn and to grow with the company.

Google has near 50,000 employees and key people are still Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Erich Schmidt. Headquarters of Google is in Mountain View, California and it is called Googleplex. In the years ahead all of us, we can expect so many new and great things from Google, because it is the Company that never fail to surprise and amaze the people all around the world. They became a leading company in the field of internet and they will stay there for a really long time.

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