The Top 10 Search Engines Internet Marketers Should Know About

People all around the world are using internet daily from different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets or android mobile phones. If you want certain information, you can find it online in a blink of an eye. It became so easy, and every person can use it.

You can do so many different things online, but one of the most popular things is to search for certain information. You can find practically everything you want – you can read about history, you can book a hotel room in the city you plan to visit this summer, you can read about your favorite athletes, you can learn and improve your knowledge.

When it comes to search engines, they are the crucial part of your web search and in order to find information you need, you will type certain keywords into the browser you use, and they you will see a list of web sites with those keywords. You will choose witch one you will visit. There are several great search engines, and here is the list of top 10 search engines:

1. – this search engine definitely is the most popular one, and probably the best one in the last few years. It was created in 1998 under the name BackRub. Most people are choosing Google as their search engine, and it is consider by the majority as the best. Visitors per month: around 1,100,000,000.

2. – this search engine was launched in 2009 by Microsoft, and in a short period of time it became really popular around the globe. Visitors per month: 350,000,000

3. – yahoo is a bit older than Google, it was created in 1994. Yahoo still is one of the most popular search engines with many satisfied users world wide. Visitors per month: around 300,000,000.

4. – ask was founded in 1996. Visitors per month: 250,000,000

5. – it is on the list of the best and most popular search engines. Visitors per month: 130,000,000.

6. – really simple but pretty cool search engine. Visitors per month: around 100,000,000

7. – this search engine becoming better and better. Visitors per month: 70,000,000

8. – this search engine has really simple looks and it is easy to use. Visitors per month: around 65,000,000

9. – it is also on the list of top 10 search engines. Visitors per month: 24,000,000

10. – this search engine has around 13,500,000 visitors per month.

No matter which web search engine is your favorite, you are for sure able to find whatever you want. Google is ranked as NO.1 and will obviously stay at that position for a really long time.

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